January Blog

We’re going to start off 2023 with a couple of new announcements

As a reminder: Red Mist Volume one is completed, so read the 486-page behemoth on Royal Road. It will stay up there, never going KU.

Check it out here:

If you want to read advanced chapters of Volume Two as it’s written, check out my Patreon:

Chapter one is there for subscribers, and Chapters 2/3 will be up shortly. Additionally you can get very early content, such as the draft of Harem Cuties, the timeloop deckbuilder litrpg that is still WIP. It’s fun and a bit different than my other work.

Additionally I was pleasantly surprised by The Accidental Summoning

Which was written by my friend Kos Play. It’s a romp.

But if you want something that will really scratch your head? Look no further than my book of the month.

Magical Girl Crystal Genocide

This book is just amazingly off on its own. I would never expect to love something as much as this. Think Hunger Games meets Sailor Moon meets Cradle and you’d be close.

Also we have a new Instagram page. Follow us at riverfolkp, for more memes and content. Next blog, we will have two big cover reveals, I promise! (I’ve seen the early drafts and they’re great.)

And in closing. let me lend you… a dad joke for your troubles.

Again, go read:

Then maybe catch up on Tales of the Riverfolk, which has resumed posting:

Finally, leave a comment and tell me what I should review next. I’m looking to watch Devs.