This is mostly a review of “A Discovery of Witches”, the show on sun dance. I heartily recommend you view it the same way that I did. Alongside a wife who has already read the books with a penchant for explaining the situation.

Readers beware that this next part has huge spoilers for “A discovery of witches”. So I just finished watching this wonderful show with my wife and truth be told it was a great bonding experience because she had already read the books and was able to briefly insert commentary about how much had been left out. The audio book which I started while we were in season two, is like 24 hours long and I have several thoughts. One is that the book is very clearly written in first person with a strong female voice/gaze.

I didn’t expect that. I expected that the book would be in a tight third person POV because of all of the side characters who have their own scenes. Now I’m not sure how this happened. If I can reference another work, “The Forge of Destiny” trilogy is also a first person POV and you get a lot of the side characters stories because the main character asks them what they have been doing so the reader gets to hear it there. Also there was this business about the author having the audience vote on who the MC should talk to next so there was a bit of movement there where it was stochastic and they had to adapt for it. It’s still an excellent series that I highly recommend.

Anyway, so in between wifey telling me that there’s stuff I missed because the context is gone, I’m like yeah they took a female gaze and they… Meaning the show runners… gave it nearly an action movie pacing. They keep getting into more and more trouble and…. honestly near the end I was tired of the MCs not using the help that they brought to the final battle. Like if you have chekovs vampire death squad with you, you use them in the final act.

What you don’t do is leave them behind when other vampires are much faster than you since you’re a witch.

And really the whole solving the DNA thing baffled me in so many ways because I have a tenuous grasp of the science. I’m here like… Vampires yeah makes sense that they use MRNA, but the other two? DNA? Uhhhh. Thankfully the author is a historian so I’ll give her a pass on that. You might get the sense from me being a writer of hard sci-fi that I would have a problem with hand wavey stuff but on a molecular level I’m like what is the method that this would work? Uhhhhh.

Yeah no.

Great story though.

Oh and the other thing. Diana Bishop is totally a formula mom. As a Dad yeah she’s just handing off them babies once she pops them out, like girl? You’re less than a month post parting out here killing it(and your enemies).

Did you like this series? If so, drop a comment about what you liked about it. our favorite character was gallowglass.

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