May Blog (We have Art!)

The air, conditions, and situation have all conspired to keep me stuck on the ground for the last two months, but don’t worry fair reader, this just means that I am a safe airborne otter. Such has been an issue with the other side of my life which should mean that I’ve been spending more time writing, right?


As of right now, I’m 2/3rds of the way through the first draft of Embedded Agents, the sequel to the Badger Company. If you wanted to see a space heist? Yeah, this is it. If you wanted to see people argue about flight hours? Also this. Will there be romance? Probably not. Lesbians in space? Lesbian(singular) but hmmm. Maybe a few back on Earth.

In other news, I’ve halted Red Mist in an effort to finish Embedded agents, so I expect to be sending it to the Developmental editor later this month.

What have I been listening to? What do I recommend? Well…

I’ve just listened to the first five books in the Beneath the Dragons Eyes Moons series, which was excellent. Selkie Myth really drew me in and yeah it’s ridiculous and over the top, but totally worth a listen.

I’ve also been listening to Forge of Destiny by Yrsillar, and loving the narration. Natalie Naudus is a talented narrator. Enough said. Five stars, go read it now.

Status of things

(1) Red Mist is paused while I finish Embedded Agents.
(2) Same with Sect Leader.
(3) Full Steam ahead on Embedded Agents, which by the way, without further ado, please see the artwork below!

Now go forth and do great things!

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