January Blog

We’re going to start off 2023 with a couple of new announcements As a reminder: Red Mist Volume one is completed, so read the 486-page behemoth on Royal Road. It will stay up there, never… Read More »January Blog

An August Update

Hey so apparently I have figured out my busy season and it is from May to late July. I am still recovering but the work is done and back to the slow season I go.… Read More »An August Update

April Update!

Three weeks of Airborne Training, and we are now Airborne otters, with the bruises to prove it. Ask us about our landings, we dare you. The whole month of Camp NaNoWriMo/ Writeathon has been a… Read More »April Update!

March Updates

March Update to my Patreon Hello all! In an effort to be more transparent, I’m going to try to explain where we are now and where we’re going. I was super surprised to have patrons,… Read More »March Updates