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See you think that I’m just like any otter author? You’d be wrong.

  • September Update (Book is out!)

    I’m very happy that at long last my debut novel is out on Kindle Unlimited (it’s free for subscribers or you can just buy the ebook). “If I die, you’d better come back and avenge me, you goddamn ghost in the machine.” Malcolm Parker was poised to make history as the habitation engineer who made… Read More »September Update (Book is out!)

  • An August Update

    Hey so apparently I have figured out my busy season and it is from May to late July. I am still recovering but the work is done and back to the slow season I go. Did I jump a few times? Yes. Was it better each time? Yes and yes! Did I get to write… Read More »An August Update

  • April Update!

    Three weeks of Airborne Training, and we are now Airborne otters, with the bruises to prove it. Ask us about our landings, we dare you. The whole month of Camp NaNoWriMo/ Writeathon has been a rush with about 41k words of Sect Leader pushed through, thanks to traveling for school. But that is done and… Read More »April Update!