Writathon + April

So I’m working on something new. This idea had been fully making me think about it for a long time. The only change was making it a deck builder after listening to A summoner awakes by Kerberos. I highly recommend it.

If you like that book or All the Skills or Jakes Magical market, the magic system is heavily influenced by those. It’s been helping me write 2k words a day so yeah, goals. I’m pretty proud of it right now and we’ll see what it turns into. Also if you’re into TTRPGs and in particular Band of Blades, this might tickle your fancy.

I used placeholder AI artwork until I get the final one from my artist, and let me tell you what-AI cannot do caravans/wagons for shit. It’s free to read on royal road. Link below:

Caravan of Blades.
The entire world has been taken over by hordes of zombies. Of course there’s no profit in that. So why do heroes keep getting summoned to this world to try to save it anyway? Their money is worthless.

At least that’s what Finley, the roving tinker sales elf* finds out when the pantheon keeps summoning heroes into his path to save the world, all he wants is the quiet life. When the horde comes calling, you had better have an escape plan.


In this economy?

*May or may not be an elf.