Well, sometimes you do the thing, and sometimes life really smacks you in the junk. It’s alright when it happens, but often it stings.

Such was the problem for all of February in the Weaver household where 3/4 otters were sick for most of the month.You know what, it was nice to be able to take care of them, but at the same time, we really don’t want anyone to be coughing all the time.

Thus, it became a month of relistening.I just finished “You should talk to someone” By Lori Gottlieb for character analysis- (Upcoming Main character is a therapist.)

I highly recommend that book for anyone who wants to get into the nuts and bolts of how therapy works. So when I put my therapist into a portal fantasy cultivator world, yeah it will be epic. I will probably toss the first five chapters up here in advance for comments. That and the much delayed Harem cuties which I have written about 1/3rd of.

I would suggest that anyone reading this go and listen to or read “Worth the Candle” as I’ve just done a relisten to get a sense of how it was written in first person for the same book. That book, code named Nascent, is in first person, as well as Harem Cuties.

So with that stated, let’s get into the status of things.

1)Red Mist Volume two is posting, and I have several chapters ahead in patreon for those interested. I will probably not do heavy edits on Volume one until I am done with part three in case I need to go back and drop in world building items and edit.

2) Sect Leader is now getting an overhaul for publication. The free version will stay up since I would rather it be widely spread, and the cover is finalized. I don’t think that I will make a sequel to Sect Leader but the other cultivator novel I write will be in the same world.

3) Badger Company Volume two is stalled and I need to get into it and write the rest of it. I’m in the middle of it and though I have parts of every chapter written I need to flesh out a lot of what happens when they reach the final third of the book.

Finally if you’re a writer I will be running the second iteration of the Dragon Realms Saga Accountability group(on the DRS discord) from April 1-June 30. It’s three months and if you have an address, you get a velcro patch for participating. I may need to start charging for these if more people join though. Rules will be there and I’ll have a nice writeup here of the current participants when that is finished. I’ll be running one every three months so long as there is interest. It’s something special that we’ve been building with our small community.

Anyway, leave a comment about how I should torture my main characters next.