An August Update

Hey so apparently I have figured out my busy season and it is from May to late July. I am still recovering but the work is done and back to the slow season I go.

Did I jump a few times? Yes. Was it better each time? Yes and yes!

Did I get to write much? No. However with a book launch in a few short weeks, I’ll be revealing the cover art here shortly for “The Badger Company”, our debut novel on amazon as well as the first book published by the Riverfolk Community Trust and Mercenary Company Publishing House(Riverfolk Publishing for short.).

Next: I’ll be completing the first volume of Red mist this fall, working my tail off to give it a memorable ending. I have the outline ready, and I am going into my slow season. Following that I’ll finish Riverfolk Volume 2(things from Volume 2 RF will affect red mist more than Volume 1). When that’s done? We’ll see.

Status Report
Red mist-85% done
Riverfolk V2-65%(hiatus)
Riverfolk V1(will be published after badger company, but it’s ready to go wide)
Badger Company intended launch date is September 5th.

I’m not even going to touch the back burner right now but it’s going to be fewer.