April Update!

Three weeks of Airborne Training, and we are now Airborne otters, with the bruises to prove it. Ask us about our landings, we dare you.

The whole month of Camp NaNoWriMo/ Writeathon has been a rush with about 41k words of Sect Leader pushed through, thanks to traveling for school. But that is done and now we’ll be resuming the slow pace that you should be used to.

Next: Patreon will be focused on Sect Leader from here on out for the foreseeable future. I am going to try like heck to write and have four advanced chapters ready to go rather than the two I have had up until recently. I will be updating the Patreon on Tuesdays and Fridays with new content unless it’s ready to go. These fully cooked chapters will be ready for the auntie enthusiasts among you and if you have ideas about what to do with sandals, let me know.

Let me give you a status report of other projects that may happen to come your way.

Status 5 May

Hiatus, but working these now:
Sect leader-90% done
Riverfolk v2- 65% written and posted
Red Mist vol 1-60% written (hiatus)

Bad company team pathfinder -65% (not posted on RR)

Next to be finished, and hopefully published
Riverfolk v1-finishing touches with sabrina(copyeditor) then ebook and audiobook it
Bad Company v1- done needs cover and audiobook

On the Back Burner.
Otome high school teacher novel- one chapter done(paused)
Harem Cuties (ch2 done (fall launch), game and plot is being developed)
Resting lich face -25?(posting had begun), will slowly work a chapter or two in there.

Bad company v2-35% needs clean up + rewrite
Bad company v3-10% needs clean up
How to write progression fantasy 12%