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Writathon + April

So I’m working on something new. This idea had been fully making me think about it for a long …


This is mostly a review of “A Discovery of Witches”, the show on sun dance. I heartily r…

August is a hot baked mussel

This is it for reals now. I am in my slow season at work. I am reveling in it. Some of you may wonde…

June Blog

Things continue to be strange as a month of having the Otters not sick with a lot of vacation days h…

May Blog (We have Art!)

The air, conditions, and situation have all conspired to keep me stuck on the ground for the last tw…


Well, sometimes you do the thing, and sometimes life really smacks you in the junk. It’s alrig…

“If I die, you’d better come back and avenge me, you goddamn ghost in the machine.”

Malcolm Parker was poised to make history as the habitation engineer who made his country’s colonization initiatives possible—until a stealth missile strike destroyed the U.S. moon base. All that’s left of him is his A.I. clone, who must carry on both his fantasy tabletop campaign and the original mission: find and secure the closest habitable system.

Trapped inside a space probe with a computer for a brain and other AIs for company, Malcolm and his crew face hostile spacecraft alone. The same assailants in pursuit or an opportunistic third party—either way they seem intent on wiping out the last remnants of America’s space program. Artificial intelligence isn’t recognized as people under U.S. law, so as far as the top brass in the U.S. military is concerned, the crew is on their own.

Or are they?

The Chronicles of the Badger Company Volume One is Available now and is on KU:

In the wake of an attack by a divine beast, the world blinked and transported Jessica Kim from Denver and her life as an accountant into the Sect of Coldsteel, replacing the now dead leadership. Can she get the support together to build the school back up and running while providing support to the refugees left by the divine beast? Will she be able to use her knowledge of the scientific method to improve the sects standing with local clans?

Sect Leader is Rationalist Fiction and EA adjacent. It is being edited for publication.

Freya Uki wanted to raise chickens and make a life for herself apart from her family. Maybe she’d become a midwife like her grandmother, or maybe she’d become a hermit who lived in the swamp.

Unfortunately for her, her mother has ambitions to regain the social standing lost after her grandmother married outside the gentry. Only becoming the most eligible debutante of the season will do, with the most suitors vying for her hand. Coalition officers? Druids? A rabbit captain of the scouts?

Freya has no idea what she is getting into. 

In which a mouse navigates the decisions in her life.

“You get to pick one, nephew… great location, the ideal time of day, or a crowd of hungry foxes, birds, and otters. Which do you pick?”

“The third one every time, Uncle,” said the young otter. “If the foxes from the ministry had lunch at midnight, I would be there to sell.”

Chip finally has come of age and as usual for an otter of his age, he wants to work for the Riverfolk Community Trust and Mercenary Company. He has been trying to pick up the trade from his uncle, selling fish to fox and bird nobles at the Yellowrock Bazaar, but when a few new competitors enter the scene during the festival competition, can this otter pull out all the stops and make a killing selling fast food?

Fish on a Stick, the Second Volume of the Riverfolk series sees Chip and his new Raft at the Valley of Red Mists to undergo ranger training.

This novella is a prequel to Red Mist and is updating sporadically.

Caravan of Blades.
The entire world has been taken over by hordes of zombies. Of course there’s no profit in that. So why do heroes keep getting summoned to this world to try to save it anyway? Their money is worthless.

At least that’s what Finley, the roving tinker sales elf* finds out when the pantheon keeps summoning heroes into his path to save the world, all he wants is the quiet life. When the horde comes calling, you had better have an escape plan.


In this economy?